3 Failures of Apple’s Studio Display

  • 60Hz Maximum Refresh Rate

It's about to be April in 2022 and we're talking about a sub $2000 display. This seems almost unfathomable and kind of a slap in the face of the consumers. Alright, I'm not that mad but still, Apple fans and users deserve a win in this department. Apple laptops have been known for their poor camera quality for years until recently. I mean I get it, until recently we didn't use them nearly as much and don't even get me started on the keyboard issues. To be frank I really just hope that with the move Apple has made to move all products to Apple silicon that they take a step back and make sure their not losing touch with their customers.

Gabriel Beaudry’s desk setup with iMac
Photo by Gabriel Beaudry on Unsplash
  • The Stand

Why are we still charging absurd amounts for a stand that can move in more directions like up? I mean it's no $1000 stand like in the XDR’s case but $400 to get height adjustment. I know you can do better than this Apple. I'm not trying to discount the fact that Apple makes high-quality products but this seems to be a bit high of a price tag.

  • No HDR

Okay, we're at number three we can all take a breath for a second. Wait what no HDR… Listen Apple this listicle is starting to give me a headache. So no HDR at the starting price of $1599 USD and you can’t move it up and down at that price (also I hope you like glare). Sadly there are a few competitors at a lower price point and have higher peak brightness, bigger screen, and HDR. I will of course give some points for the nice speakers and the incorporation of Center Stage (keeps you in focus when using the built-in camera) but this hardly makes up for the fact that this display lacks.

For the record, I’ am a long-time Apple lover and still will be but the price tag really outpaces the hardware in this one for me.

Sun rising over clouds
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Tech Lover, Anime Nerd, & also kind of into DigiArt #RealNerds

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Scott Vanderburg

Scott Vanderburg

Tech Lover, Anime Nerd, & also kind of into DigiArt #RealNerds

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