3 Things that I’m Excited about from Apple

  • Mac Studio with M1 Max

The Mac Studio equipped with the M1 Max chipset is extremely exciting from a workflow standpoint. Don’t get me wrong this is really only for the people who are invested in the Apple ecosystem. For myself who uses a couple of Apple TVs, iPhone, iPad Air, and MacBook Pro (intel chip). With universal control having this desktop solution with an iPad sounds awesome. The power of the M1 Max chip working alongside a very capable iPad air for your to-do lists and data tracking. This can all be done thanks to universal control if your using the latest operating systems on both devices.

MacBook Keyboard showing FN key and control key
  • Universal Control

This is a software feature that replaces the need for a paid-for app that even I have purchased in the past. The baked-in use of being able to use both devices with the same input devices is really cool. The big difference between Universal Control and the app I used called Duet is that you're not simply creating a second Mac OS screen. You're actually getting both OS’s with Universal Control. The ability to take advantage of using both OS’s is an intriguing challenge.

Modern office desk with screen and MacBook along with magic keyboard and magic mouse.
  • M1 iPad Air

So I’m not excited about this device for the reasons you may think. Many people out there are really excited about the price of this powerhouse as well they should be. But for me, it's about what this means. The fact that Apple is putting this overpowered (for a tablet) chip into the mid-grade iPad Air points me in the direction of Apple releasing an iPad Pro with the M1 Max option. They need a differentiating factor that feels tangible to the customer. I think we will see something like this next year or the fall of this year (2022). The real question still remains, what can someone do with even more power on an iPad Pro?



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